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80’s Classic Movies that are Still Relevant Today

So it is movie night and you have no idea what to watch, how about hitting up a classic from the 80’s?  These 80’s classic movies are still relevant today and they are perfect to kill a rainy Sunday afternoon or they are perfect for date night.  The 80’s had some brilliant movies from brilliant romantic comedy to some truly scary horror movies.  Here are some great 80’s movies that you can re-watch over and over.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Everyone can relate to this movie, we have all been teenagers who wanted to bail on school for the day and take off on an adventure.  The movie focuses on Ferris Bueller who plays hooky from school for the day, steals a car and goes joy riding all the while trying to convince the principal he was legitimately sick.  It’s funny and relatable and still relevant today.  Here is a clip from this classic.


Not only is this movie a classic it was the first to really combine horror and comedy.  Featuring some of the biggest comedians of the day like Dan Akroyd and Bill Murray along with some big scary ghosts.  It is a great choice for an afternoon of lighthearted fun and you can have scary without getting too serious.

When Harry Met Sally

This film explores whether or not men and women can really be friends or if attraction will always get in the way of that.  Harry and Sally were old college friends that later become friends.  Life hasn’t been exactly easy for either and it makes the friendship a bit of a challenge.  The scene in the diner (you know the one) has turned into a classic comedy moment.  The movie isn’t as romantic as some of the others from the time period but it is hilarious and Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal were perfect.

The Shining

This movie features one of Jack Nicholson’s finest performances and this movie has been scaring audiences since 1980.  Based on a Stephen King novel, and who does horror better than King, the main character played by Nicholson takes a job at an isolated hotel in Colorado in winter.  As aspiring writer looking for inspiration the character gets darker and darker until he finally goes on a killing spree.

These are just a small sample of some of the great films that came from that decade, you can also watch almost anything directed by John Hughes.  It was a great era in film!